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As it is, the movies skip over a lot of Ginny's development, including her elite Quidditch status and her unapologetic serial dating.Professor Trelawney is considered to be a kook by many of her friends and colleagues.My heart warms to think about how many millions of kids have immersed themselves in such a representative world.Yet when the books were adapted into a cash cow of a film franchise, concessions had to be made.Lavender has it real bad for Ron and shows it by being a Stage 5 Clinger.Her role in the movies is to provoke Hermione's jealousy, and she dies at the hands of Fenir Greyback before she can leave her teen obsessions behind. Rowling constructed an entire wizarding world around a young, green-eyed protagonist: “The Boy Who Lived.” But the women of Harry Potter are essential to that boy and the universe he occupies.They’re teachers, students, warriors, villains, and philosophers, and they make Harry Potter one of the most feminist YA series of the last several decades.

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She does provide Harry with her mother's diadem, assisting in the eventual defeat of Lord Voldemort.

As an actress, model and activist, it’s no surprise that her dating timeline doesn’t lack in length or variety.

She’s reportedly dated everyone from models & fellow students to, allegedly, even a former co-star. *sigh*) Ask any of her former baes, and we’re sure they would all agree that she’s quite the charmer. *wink wink*) No magic is necessary because this British beauty naturally can’t keep the fellas away. How many other 27-year-olds can say they’re also UN ambassadors?!

She added that Perry had abused the family's trust. One of the twins had an abortion while her sisters had babies because their pregnancies were discovered too late to end them, Mc Laughlin said. Authorities say he impregnated 14-year-old twins and their sister, 12.

The girls' mother allowed him to stay in their home because he had nowhere else to go.

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