Porsha is dating

"I think when you're gonna introduce your man to the girls, you just need to be solid, you know what I mean? Y'all need to be on one accord so that when something comes at you, y'all are saying the same thing.

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Yeah, so I hope to be meeting some of these people that I've been texting soon and be for real dating," Porsha told earlier this season.

, reality star Porsha Williams reveals that fans will be getting an even closer view into her life through the show touching on intimate topics such as her love life and dipping back into dating."This season on (airing Monday)."I'm taking counseling, which is something I'm a really big fan of, therapy. Getting back closer to family as well and saying, 'yes' to things more. Sometimes life can wear you down."Williams continued to explain that she stopped holding blessings back from happening, and it ultimately led to rekindling an old flame."The power of yes!

You know, you start to say 'no' because you think you're protecting yourself, but really, you're stopping some of the blessings that could happen.

A lot of my matches are not in Atlanta, so we have to schedule the person to fly in and go on a date and all that, and I really need to make time to do that," Porsha told earlier this month, adding that she had a couple of blind dates set up this month. I'm an over-thinker, so imagine not knowing anything about the person you're about to be sitting there in front of a candlelit dinner.

A little stressful, but I'm putting myself out there. She knew me when I was married, so she doesn't just know one side of me.

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