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” If the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t ask trans women either. Did you know that trans women face some of the highest risks of becoming victims of domestic violence? Being trans doesn’t mean we are miserable — we just want to have a good time like anybody else.

An underlying issue is the idea that trans women have nowhere else to go, as if abusive men are the only ones who will ever truly love us. Sponsored: New dating app guarantees no wasted time.

I’ve been a witness of too many trans women in abusive relationships at the hands of men. Let’s be honest — most guys on dating apps aren’t serious.

A common response when these women choose to leave them is, “Where will you go? Cove is a gamified dating app that solves this problem.

The dating scene for transgender women offers a unique set of challenges that cisgender — someone whose gender identity matches their biological sex — women don’t have to deal with.

Fetishization, discrimination, harassment, and even homicide aren’t unheard of for us, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If nothing else, trans women in the adult sex movies and the sex trade remain a top-seller among straight men.We’re tired of being objectified over what’s in our pants, and genital reconstruction surgery is often a deeply personal topic. If you treat the date like a dictionary, we’re probably already shuffling in our purse for our car keys and telling you we have to run to the bathroom.Besides, should the topic of discussion on your first date really be a woman’s vag? Know what trans means and don’t expect trans women to be your professor on gender studies, because who wants heavy discussions on a date when you could be drinking wine?Those of us who were attracted to women before transitioning are still likely to remain attracted to women. Dating us doesn’t even mean you have to be bisexual.The numbers show that between 40 and 60 percent of trans women identify as bisexual or lesbian, so whether it’s men, women, both or none, we can date whoever we want. If you’re attracted to trans women then you’re attracted to women. Many people confuse gender and sex or don’t understand the difference between the two. Sexual orientation is shaped by your attraction to a person’s gender identity.

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