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In keeping with the show's namesake, most episodes focused on combating drug trafficking and prostitution.Episodes often ended in an intense gun battle, claiming the lives of several criminals before they could be apprehended.

The series starred Don Johnson as James "Sonny" Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami.

Miami Vice is noted for its innovative use of stereo broadcast music, particularly countless pop and rock hits of the 1980s and the distinctive, synthesized instrumental music of Jan Hammer.

While other television shows used made-for-TV music, Miami Vice would spend ,000 or more per episode to buy the rights to original recordings. album chart for 11 weeks in 1985, making it the most successful TV soundtrack at the time.

At Miami Vice they start with what's necessary and go beyond it." and quite a few of those buildings, among them many beachfront hotels, have been renovated since filming, making that part of South Beach one of South Florida's most popular places for tourists and celebrities.

in North Miami instead, and only carry out post-production in L. In a few scenes particularly in earlier episodes, Greenwich Studios' rear loading dock is repeatedly portrayed as the back room of the Gold Coast Shipping building, where the offices of the vice squad are located.

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