field Name or field Index is the name or the index of the field to get/set the option value (if the grid contains more than one field with the same name, the first field will be used). Find more information on custom localization config in Localization.The controller is a gateway between grid and data storage.The function accepts a single argument with the following structure: Control field renders delete and editing buttons in data row, search and add buttons in filter and inserting row accordingly. Returns j Query promise resolved when update is completed.It also renders button switching between filtering and searching in header row. The value should be in range from 1 to [total amount of pages]. item|$row|row Node is the reference to the item or the row j Query Element or the row Dom Node.

If no item is returned, updating item will be used as updated item. The easiest way to do it is to inherit from existing strategy.A string specifying the text of the link to the last page.A string specifying the text of the link to move to next set of page links, when total amount of pages more than .A string or a function returning string specifying delete confirmation message to be displayed to the user.A function has the signature A string specifying the text of the link to the next page.

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