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"(This "secret one" or society, which sprang into existence a few months after Rhodes death, is the only organization that answers to the descriptions conceptualizing it in this rarely seen article buried deep on unfrequented library shelves.

Notice they admitted to trying to recruit into their ranks wealthy men and take control over their fortunes after their death for their globalist vision.

See Chapter 10 of this scarce volume, "We Come Into Being," pages 103-153)."I doubt whether Mr.

Rhodes quite realized that by such an arrangement Americans would receive 50 percent more of his benefaction than British colonists.

Whether the excuse cited is North Korea, the Middle East or other, the actual reason is to break us and prevent capital formation on our part!

It is to exert against that last eventuality that I present this essay, ; a partial summary record of their past attacks on gold and silver money and ownership; and a partial list of specific identified Pilgrims Society members involved over the years, acting to suppress gold and silver as money and against the commodity prices of each, and acting against citizen ownership of both!

)"His original conception of his will was to leave the whole of his property, without any restrictions, to be administered by the sole discretion of three personal friends.

Their definition of "uncivilized parts of the world" includes any areas they wish to bring under control, by means of World War I, World War II, regional wars, and the Third World War, still to come.

They speak of their judgment that certain nations must "depart," meaning, cease to exist as sovereign states!

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