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“There are even cadres who love land snails,” he added with a laugh. You don’t find many land snail societies out there.” This crowdsourced species identification system puts nature at the fingertips of anyone online. “You can use your desktop or browser and choose a photo to upload to the site.” From ants to zebras, all kinds of animal and plant life have been posted on the site, and the collection is always growing as more people get out there and discover what the natural world has to offer.

You can browse through observations by location, species, identifier, or observer. A Bio Blitz event gives naturalists the chance to go outside in droves to record organisms within a certain time period (ranging from one hour to one week) and in a certain place.

i Naturalist users record what they see on their outdoor treks and share it in a community of environmentally-conscious people.

Since their founding in 2011, users have posted nearly 4 million pictures of organisms from all parts of the world.

Open to anyone fascinated by the outdoors, this website welcomes thousands of users coming together online to identify critters and relate their experiences.

Nature enthusiasts can also socialize in person by attending Bio Blitz events, which challenge people to record as many organisms as they can within a certain span of time.

i welcomes people of all backgrounds in a social environment ideal for meeting people, appreciating the natural world, and bonding through shared interests.

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