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In large part, the answer depends on the scope of the program.

”—range from “We build all marketing programs to reach a mass market” to “We build all marketing programs to be specific to each customer’s needs.” Based on insights from the two questionnaires, select stages to focus on. However, because bookstore customers all have similar value, it’s not cost-efficient to remember individual preferences and alert customers when favorites publish new books.It’s critical to know customers in as much detail as possible: not just their names and addressable characteristics (such as addresses, phone numbers, or account codes), but their habits, preferences, and so forth. You need to recognize the customer at every contact point, in every medium used, at every location, and within every division of your company, no matter which product line is involved.Remember, however, that the “customers” who benefit from your one-to-one program may not be limited to the end users of your product or service.Before determining the correct scope of your company’s one-to-one marketing efforts, you need to understand the rationale for undertaking a one-to-one initiative and the basic components of such a strategy.Relationship marketing is grounded in the idea of establishing a learning relationship with each customer, starting with your most valuable ones. Joseph Pine II, Don Peppers, and Martha Rogers, “Do You Want to Keep Your Customers Forever?

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