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[Read: How to plan a perfect date by involving your lover] 13 dinner date ideas to feel the love Here are 13 romantic dinner date ideas that are unique and fun, and most definitely memorable and romantic.

If you’re bored of the regular routine, try these date ideas.

Given the heart doilies, red roses, and giant stuffed bears we've all come to associate with Valentine's Day, it's hard to believe that this holiday has the of romantic origins. And years later, Emperor Claudius II had Saint Valentine executed on Feb.

But plot twist, ya'll: Valentine's Day has a pretty bloody history. 14 for illegally marrying Christian couples (who were being persecuted). Goodness knows how Cupid worked his way into the mix.

It's a silly semi-prank that will have you both chuckling and feeling zero of the romantic pressure of Valentine's Day.

Instead of whipping up an elaborate, candlelit dinner or splurging on a restaurant's overpriced pre-fixe menu, prepare a little foodie scavenger hunt with your partner and chow down.

But no matter how you decide to enjoy a dinner date or what your intentions are, you need to understand what it takes to make a dinner date perfect.

Sure, Cupid may have struck your friends and neighbors with his arrow, but can he put googly eyes on trees? Plants, heart decorations, your friends' car windows — whatever feels right.

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It’s a special date that brings two new lovers closer, and rekindles the love in a seasoned romance.

[Read: Sexy tips to dress for sex when your date comes home] If you don’t have your own recipes, follow a cookbook and prepare something your date will enjoy.

This is a simple and easy date, and depending on your culinary skills, you can make a memorable impression too. Someone once said that the journey is far more important than the destination.

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