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We looked at 'value' hotels but felt this is very subjective and hard to define.

Perhaps you are right, it shoudl be left up to readers to define in their own terms. Analyn Mendoza Philippines I was appalled to watch the news clips showing the incident on Southwest where an engine exploded and smashed one window, ultimately killing one passenger.

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Natalie Rupert, Hong Kong I read with great interest your guide to child-friendly hotels in Asia and realise now that there options for families such as ours that wish to have their kids enjoy the great outdoors and not just electronic diversions and video games. Perhaps our next company meeting can be at one of the big international five star hotels in Yalong Bay or Haitang Bay so we can combine a family stay and work with golf all in one place.

I think this could be a more detailed article later. Needless to say Shanghai is one of my favourite cities. Evelyn Yap Singapore I voted in your poll and look forward to the results.

I wanted to leave a few comments about different hotels and airlines but noticed you have just one comment box. I'm not sure how this could be managed but would it be useful to allow more flexibility on comments? Warren Miller United Kingdom My husband and I were trying to select our main picks for the various categories on your poll and ended up a bit confused as they seem to overlap.

Much earlier there was the February 1989 case of United 811 - a B-747 - flying Los Angeles to Sydney with stops along the way.

Shortly after take-off from Honolulu, a faulty cargo door caused a fatal decompression blowing out several seats and resulting in the deaths of nine passengers.

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