People are indeed very skilled at judging some traits quickly.

She says that she has an appetite for sex until that is all that he wants. What she really wanted was a relationship but was afraid to go after someone who was really available. They end up wanting someone who they have an emotional bond with; someone to build a future with.

If you want to strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger, pay attention to the signals your body language is sending. Instead, sit or stand in a relaxed and confident manner. When an older woman is involved with a younger man, she’s often labeled a ‘cougar.’ Does the cougar image promote a positive or negative view of women and sexuality?

in Uncategorized Tagged with benefits, casual, cougar, dating, friends with benefits, guy, hookups, kenya, ladies, lady, man, married, men seeking ladies, nairobi, nairobi hook ups, nairobi hunks, partner, relationships, serious, serious relationship, sex, single lady, sugar mummy, white lady, women, women seeking men ‘Cougar’ Women A term that’s come into vogue in recent years, ‘cougar’ describes an attractive older women who is involved with younger men. Or is this another example of gender bias, since no equivalent term for males who date younger females exists?

If you’ve ever dated a younger man, did you like being called a cougar? Why do we label older women who date younger men ‘cougar women’?

A look at the stereotypes and misinformation about cougar women from a woman who just happens to date younger men and resists the label. It seems to work for a while until usually the woman starts getting feelings and wants more than just sexual action in the relationship.

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