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Written just before her child was born, the song is structured as a message to her own mother, recognizing her milestone.

In just a sentence, “I hope she knows that I found a man far from my father,” she is able to succinctly express the complicated history of her many relationships in a devastating manner.

Plus, hear former star Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) go solo.

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have a gift for you this Valentine's Day: Romantic new music! Look below for a heaping helping of new love songs from R&B faves like Jo Jo, Ne-Yo and Mya.

Justin, JC, Joey, Lance and Chris got together to celebrate their new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and as if the day couldn’t get any better, JC reminds us that tomorrow it’s gonna be MAY.

It’s been already been percolating around for a little while, but we couldn’t let the day pass without tilting the spotlight on Jessie Ware’s excellent new track.

The distinct vision that Ware brings to her music is what gave her best songs like “Wildest Moments” or “Sweet Talk” their gravitas, and it’s also what she struggles to recapture at times throughout , piercing through the swirling electronics on moments like opener “Midnight”, where an impressive vocal run helps make up for the fact that it often too closely resembles the slinky disco of Beyoncé’s “Blow”.

She showcases her range and force on the single “Alone”, a romantic ballad capturing with aplomb the yearning she evoked in a subtle manner back on displays multiple facets of her approach, albeit some with more success than others.

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