Msn money stock quotes not updating

Note that you will still need to enter the password in Money in order for it to open the Money file. If -o is specified, then MSMoney Quotes will automatically open Money in addition to updating quotes.

With this option, I believe users can get in the habit of using MSMoney Quotes’s shortcut instead of the standard Money shortcut as a means to open Money (with the added benefit of updated quotes! The -o option will do nothing if Money is already running, so it’s safe to simply leave the -o option in your shortcut permanently.

MSMoney Quotes will automatically close when Money is closed.

To use the -a option, you should do one of the following: If -m is specified, then MSMoney Quotes will look for a Symbol file in the same folder as MSMoney and use it to resolve symbols.

If you’re setup to run MSMoney Quotes using a shortcut, then the DOS window will simply go away.

If MSMoney Quotes encounters some sort of problem, it will output an error message and then prompt you to press a key. Suppress "Press any key..." prompts to allow running unattended from a batch file.

Usage: [-f file] [-p password] [-r] [-o] [-a] [-m] [-i file] [-t] [-c] [-v] [-b] -f Target a specific Money file. -p The password to use if the Money file is "Money Password" protected. If it does have a "Money password", then by default MSMoney Quotes will prompt you to enter the password every time MSMoney Quotes runs.

This option is useful if your Money file is password protected, but you don't want to use the -p option in your shortcut.The program internally decrypts the password and uses it to open the Money file and then run as it normally would.Using the -r option means you will no longer need to use the -p option in your shortcut, and thus your password is more secure.Unfortunately, the MSN Stock Quote tool that I have been using for years in Microsoft Excel no longer works for fetching stock prices in Excel 2013.There are some alternatives out there -- namely this option to enable the PSQ function -- however, that solution doesn't seem to work in Windows 8.

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