Modern fascism liquidating the judeo christian worldview most popular japanese dating site

If any Christian writer on the scene today can help you discern our times, what they mean and where they’re headed, it’s Ed Veith.

When I found out that he and Thomas Wilmeth had written I made a bee line for it. Disappointed because on page 26 I read, “Just as the town of Bristol is partly in Tennessee and partly in Kentucky, the Bristol [recording] Sessions themselves would come to be a dividing line and crossroads in its own right.” Somebody should have checked a map.

The hidden religious beliefs of National Socialism were expressed by Hitler as being: (1) reincarnation (table talk, ) (2) there is no Heaven, this doctrine being the foulest low blow ever struck against a suffering humanity, and for which the Judeo-Christian tradition is responsible (table talk, 20.2.1942 and ) (3) Judeo-Christianity is nothing but Communism () and (4) modern Bolshevism is nothing but Christianity minus the metaphysical trappings ().

Everything in National Socialism was aimed at the overthrow and destruction of Judaism and Christianity, replacing it with a neo-pagan religion as old as antiquity.

Bristol straddles the Tennessee- line, a long ways from Kentucky. Veith and Wilmeth begin with the Bristol Sessions in July & August, 1927 as their starting point for country music.

I understand that some point must serve as a beginning, arbitrary as the choice may be may be.

The Christian cross must be removed and replaced by the swastika." by Gene Edward Veith.

"In November 1933, a mass German Christian rally was held in a sports stadium in Berlin.

The Christian cross must be removed and replaced by the swastika. Mein Kampf is to replace it as the most important document in the Reich Church.

(I know because it’s about 25 minutes from my front door.) Vaughn was a great promoter of gospel music, printing books and sheet music, organising singing schools and quartets, and publishing the first tabloid about gospel music. In 1923 he secured the license for a radio station, and on January 1, 1925 WOAN went on the air as the first radio station in Tennessee.

Vaughn had to sell in 1929, and Nashville’s WSM bought the frequency—yes, WSM, as in the “Home of the Grand Old Opry.” But let’s step past these two oversights to more important questions.

Resolutions were passed attackin the Jewish influence on Christianity.

" "Another resolution called for throwing out the Old Testament from the Bible." pg 58.

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