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Raffa and Ryan do everything together and are the best of friends and would never change that for anything.One day everything changes as Ryan runs off to join a gang shocked by the hurt and betrayal Raffa beats Ryan half to death and joins a gang and starts to perform acts that were against the law such as drugs, stealing, killing.Faith meets a new friend named Shawn (Nerd from Episode 2) and they become best friends.Soon they're friendship is tested by events that will change they're lives as Faith is beaten half to death by her mom.CC and Allan try to find a way to spend time alone, Minny tries to protect Nathan from Wayde fishy intentions, and Allison gets the biggest hit, but from who? Soon they're friendship becomes tested by an accident that will change both they're lives forever.34 pages (Series, Comedy, Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board After University by Ameer Qureshi Three Students from different disciplines and different nature find themselves in a university and figure out the University is not a place for them. (Series, Drama) html format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Alien Youth Episode 3 The Jock by Corey Palmer Episode 3 is focused on a high school jock named Joe that is loved by everyone.Marines and Scientists quarantine an airport in Illinois in an effort to contain a viral outbreak.

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(Series, Drama) html format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Alien Youth Episode 4 The Perfect Couple by Corey Palmer Episode 4 focuses around two people named Michael and Heather who are a couple.16 pages (Series, Comedy, Sitcom) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Agents of S. The jock is very popular kid all the guys want to be him all the girls want to be with him and he has the best of everything.Just as everything couldn't be any more perfect Joe runs into an old friend that he knew from his childhood who is chosen to live a homosexual life and is jumped in front of Joe and Joe does nothing to stop it." by Curtis J Lofgren Jack, Liz and Kenneth all end up speaking in a weird dialect.... 38 pages (Series, Comedy, TV Show) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board30 Rock - Crossword Puzzles, Marvin Gaye, and the Tongue Sandwich by John CJust another day on the TGS set. 26 pages (Series, Comedy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Addict Episode #1 Relapse by Bryan Ugochukwu A burn out OLD stockbroker must deal with the younger ruthless crowd of stock brokers, racism, a high maintenance good for nothing wife, and the mob to survive in this high pace fast world of wall street. In this episode, the four try to, humorously, cover up accidently giving lead posioning to a popular student 21 pages (Series, Comedy) doc format Discuss this script on the Discussion Boardternum Episode 01 by Chris Bold When a grad student becomes obsessed with finding a cryptic book, she is unaware that its words are a terrible contagion. a mysterious stranger arrives on Earth claiming he is responsible for the recent disappearance of practically every superhero.58 pages (Series, Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board After Effats by Chris Ramos After being bullied nearly his entire life for being fat, and after losing weight in a summer camp; Nathan, a high schooler, tries to readapt to society even when life doesn't give him the best conditions. Coulson and his team not only have to deal with this powerful, godlike threat but an old enemy who has once more seemingly returned from the dead.

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