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The case fell apart before it could go to trial and the charges were dropped.

The Crown was represented by Senior Crown Attorney Brent Davidson, an experienced litigator who specializes in gang crime.

Bruyere’s brother and best friend were stabbed and beaten during the attack.

Guimond was originally charged with 1st degree murder but was the benefactor of a plea bargain arrangement that saw him plead out to a charge of assault cause bodily harm.

Michael Guimond was charged, convicted and subsequently acquitted for uttering threats to the Giles family.

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He probably didn’t know Guimond was an original gangster with a long violent pedigree that included involvement in several notable Winnipeg killings.Sawchuk asked the court to consider a sentence of four (4) years for the manslaughter charge and one (1) year consecutive for the criminal organization charge.Flett was represented by capable criminal defense attorney Sara Inness.Social issues like physical or sexual abuse, child welfare removal, substance abuse, FASD, health and developmental issues and the effects of residential schools.Corrin artfully dismissed the idea of providing the accused killers any benefit of a reduced sentence courtesy of the Gladue principles indicating the crime was about the, Corrin called the offenders “hardened criminals” and made a distinction between young impressionable gang members and, “mature adult gang associated offenders.” He suggested there was no practical connection between Gladue factors and the conscious choice of mature adults to participate in a sophisticated, profitable drug trafficking business.

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