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There is little point in me promoting Herbalife, since I do NOT believe or use their products, so I don't.However, I have many good friends in Herbalife who make very good money and feel at ease with the use of the products.For some an extra 500-00 a month an make a difference, for others just 200-00, and for other people a few thousand pounds.Please do not knock MLM because of one bad personal experience, but look at the industry and select one that suits your personality and style, one that you can be comfortable with and one where you benefit from using the products.These 2 companies have excellent products in their markets.Herbalife has targeted the nutrition industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds and of course Amway, cleaning products, food, nutrition, etc.ADLANDS' DIGEST A Free subscribed Discussion List of 26,450 subscribers on web marketing and promotion supported by Adland Pro World's Classifieds at Fiedur, Publisher mailto: [email protected] Soon your own start page system as part of Gold Membership.

The definition given above is of pyramid selling company NOT MLM.The people behind GP, CE, Delfin International (there's an old one!), and going way back to Holiday Magic bring the bad press to an industry that can be so right for many, not all people, to make a difference to their lives.All distributors in Telecom plus get their own website - here's mine and this helps market the product and services, plus the opportunity - but they are all the same reinforcing the point that we sell at the same price and get the same upfront bonus payments and commissions.Pyramid selling is illegal - MLM is respectable in the right hands, and that really is the crux of the argument.

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