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And it's bilateral in the sense that both people share information with each other and prove that they have what it takes to help each other.

It goes without saying that if one spouse has a friend that threatens the other spouse in any way, the Policy of Joint Agreement dictates that the relationship should be modified or ended completely depending on what can be enthusiastically agreed upon by the spouses.

It's private in the sense that conversation is generally one-on-one, and sometimes kept secret because the spouse would be threatened in some way by it if it were done with the spouse present.

It's personal in the sense that personal information is revealed, especially problems faced in life, along with a willingness to help if needed. If they meet any of the criterion I've mentioned, you should take the extraordinary precaution of eliminating them from your lives.

As damaging as an affair is, you are likely to experience it in your marriage unless you take extraordinary precautions to avoid it.You can chat with them as well provided that the users enabled the chat option on their personal page.I've found that when people rate their most painful experiences, their spouse's affair usually gets the top rating.And if that happens your judgment will be severely damaged.Any friend of the opposite sex with whom you have a private, personal, and bilateral relationship.

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