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On November 20, 1974, the Area 628 ACC subcommittee of the Health Planning Covincil for Greater Boston, Inc.

(HPCGC) voted to "approve the ACC Certificate of Need based on their view of the information presented to them to date." Subsequently, the HPCGB Board of Directors voted on December 5, 1974 to recommend to the Public Health Council their endorsement of the Area 628 subcommittee's report.

Some variances of zoning regulations may be required 12. Will Che project(s) Involve the application, use or disposal of potentially hazardous materials?

Will the project(s) require certification, authoriza- tion or issuance of a permit by any local, state or federal environmental control agency? Radiological materials necessary for laboratory wor k will be used, in strict accordance with present regulations regarding their use. Will the project (s) involve construction of facilities in a flood plain?

x_ The project area is not located on or near any of the Commonwea 1 th ' s- beaches . Could the project (s) result in the elimination of land presently utilized for agricultural purposes?

None of the project area is presently being utilized for agricultural purposes since it is an urban site, already developed. Will the project(s) require a variance from, or result in a violation of, any statute, ordinance, by-law, regulation or standard, the major purpose of which is to prevent or minimize damage to the environment?

In September 1974, the MGH submitted an application to the Department of Public Health (DPH) for a Certificate of Need which, when granted, would enable the MGH to build the Ambulatory Care Center.The project is not located on or near a flood plain . Could the project (s) result in the generation of signi- ficant amounts of noise?Noise will be generated both during demolition and construction, but every effort will be made to diminish the levels of such noise. Could the project(s) result in the generation of signi- ficant amounts of dust?The site contains 2 MGH owned buildings neither of which -are unique structures. Could the project(s) affect an historical or archaeolo- gical structure or site?The building is in proximity to the historic Bullfinch bu i 1 d i ng . Could the project(s) affect the potential use, extrac- tion, or conservation of a scarce natural resource?

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