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The following disclaimers apply to all the calendars and are included at the end of each calendar: District Court Probation provides the Court with thorough, accurate and timely reports; assesses each probationer and provides supervision at the designated classification level; holds probationers accountable for their behavior; and manages human and fiscal resources in a responsible manner.Pros- Great people, very technical - Proper Digital Marketing Experts you can reach anytime- Approachable Managers across the company- You can freely voice your ideas, concerns- A proper roadmap & strategy for the business that is shared with all- Fun, positive, clever working environment- Creative approach to Digital Marketing, providing real solutions for Small and Medium businesses across Australia & New Zealand Pros The energy in the office, the rewards and acknowledgement of achievements and my fellow staff members are the best parts.You won't get results and retain clients unless you have experienced staff that know what they are doing.You need to do more than put 'leading marketing agency' on the website to actually be a leader in the industry. The incentives provided are around keeping clients, not actually helping businesses.Billy tries to reconnect with his former partner-in-crime and essentially "one that got away," Kara (played by Rachel Bloom) but, to his surprise, she started dating the old high school creepy kid who lives across the street named Lowell (played by Vincent Kartheiser).This really hits Billy in the gut so he takes out his emotions by drinking the night away with Duane. Or is he just jealous and his mind his playing tricks on him?

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Reynolds has been sliding into our hearts quietly with scene stealing moments in "Search Party" and "Stranger Things," the same is to be said for this film.

Also, this is coming from an employee, who, according to their KPI’s performs “well” & receives the incentives they bang on about.

The best part is the wonderful & hard working staff that do their best with what they are given.

Goofy, silly, a nice little break from the dramas of the real world -- and this is one of those films.

Gregor and Mand, who wrote the film, come from a sketch comedy and improv background so the dialogue is mostly written but there also was a lot of room for creativity. While you're not 100% sure if you care about the main character, Billy, you do want to figure out the ending. Billy comes off like a former bully, he's dumb and quick to judge, you're not sure if you believe him or if he's really overblowing conclusions. Bloom plays Kara in the best straightman way, you are on her side nearly the entire time.

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