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This downtown restaurant was built atop old railroad tracks, that can still be see behind the restaurant in the parking lot.

Stories from employees, are said that late at night shadows can be seen, and strange voices are heard when no one is around.

The houses and buildings have been wonderfully preserved and the original hotel that caught fire still stands and with little damage. Supposedly the three floors above the old bar are home to twelve different spirits or more. Maids have reported that when there cleaning, someone or something will pull at their hair playfully also they can hear someone walking in the hall.

Spirits can be felt all in this town and especially in the hotel on the second floor. Legend has it that a priest committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor bathroom window of Saint Charles Hall, which is one of the dormitories on campus. Years later, there were reports of blood flowing from the sink in that bathroom, even though the pipes were disconnected from the wall. many years ago the balcony in the school gym collapsed, killing 7 kids.

There is a full ghost town up in the hills of Montana that was originally created as a mining town. there is said to be the wandering ghost of a Native American. One eyewitness' account includes the story of a woman that was driving out of Great Falls one evening. The woman had thought for sure to hit the person, but when she got out of the car, no one was there. The old man that used to own the hotel and restaurant used to sit on one of the top floors and look at a window in his rocking chair and look at the Musselshell River.

After a fire caught hold of the hotel there, many people started moving out. Once she got back into her car and started to drive away, she looked in the rear view mirror and saw him walking along the road again. Upper floors were at one time hotel, then after hotel closed, used for years by passing vagrants and drifters, some of whom supposedly died up there. After he died they put the chair in a closet, but almost every time it would end up back at the window, even when they did lock the door.

So they had to put the bodies in the fridge at the old grocery store by the train depot.

It is said that vagrants, and squatters called the Riverside Inn home.The Arlee High School has class pictures dating as far back as the 1920's.It is said that a girl during the early years of the High School committed suicide in the shower of the girls’ locker room.this haunting is definitely not to be taken lightly and it needs more professional investigation.Also one of the most peculiar events ever being heard of happening more than once is an respectable elder woman walked into the reading room and the police report says " It felt like they walked into a warm pillow" But when she got into the room It was in fact not the reading room but a ball room filled with Fire fighters in there formal wear.

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