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She wants Shante to have her own path and make moves in her own life.Maddy is a working woman, very well-to-do, smart, educated, funny and quirky.The half hour series follows Maddy (Luckett), a single mother and successful lawyer who is convinced there is a “Walker Woman Curse,” after being born to mother Loretta (Wendy Raquel Robinson) at age 16 and having a child, Shante (Kyndall Ferguson) herself at the same age.Maddy refuses to let her daughter, now approaching her 16th birthday, become the next in line.

EBONY: This is kind of your first time taking lead in a comedic role. You have to be very cautious that you’re hitting the right beats and making sure it’s funny, but at the same time when those notes are serious, you’re trying to get your point across and it’s not about the comedy.VH1’s Single Ladies and HBO’s Ballers, Le Toya Luckett’s acting career is on fire—and she’s just getting started.Next up, Le Toya takes on another role in TV One’s new multi-generational comedy series, , as leading actress and producer.He showed me the scene and I was like, “Look at you! We just sat there going over it and then I showed it to the other producers and directors and they were like, “Oh, it’s his.” He nailed it. People don’t know this, but for both seasons of I was leaving the set sometimes at 1 in the morning and going straight to the studio to work on my third solo album. From the time I started the album to now, I’m a completely different woman. Of course, it's R&B driven, feel-good music, but I’m really just expressing myself in every different stage of my life. EBONY: What has been your biggest area of growth as an entertainer?He’s very natural and he did his own research of the character and boom. (laughs) How is it your first time on camera and you get it on the first take? EBONY: How do you balance your music career with acting? It feels like a “no-days-off” moment because if I’m on set and I have a hard day, that doesn’t stop my label from calling and saying, “When are we getting our single? Le Toya Luckett: I feel like it’s staying true to yourself and not just doing everything because you might get a little light.

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