Kl sex hookup

club has a pretty good vibe but was clearly lacking in hotties.

hottest girl there was a white expat who was maybe a 7.

first night out Friday: started off around 22.00 in Jalan P Ramlee: very quiet, only place that was really going was Beach Club.

i don't see any attractive shop assistant or anything so decided to check out a couple of day spas (which rock btw).

monday evening, decide to check out seminyak; venture out to Ku De Ta around midnight, bar next to Oberoi Hotel; nice open air bar with spectacular ocean view but no honeys or anything; it's about 15% full with only a bunch of westerners who don't mind paying £5 for a beer.

was told that the Double Six club in Seminyak is some sort of institution; go there around 1am, no one there and was told the place doesn't get going until 3am or so; couldn't be asked to wait around so head back to kuta, check out some of the same bars as night before (Paddy's and M Bar Go are empty) and end up in Sky Garden again.

this time there are even less attractive girls than the previous night.

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