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The sun and beaches and that type of stuff is great, but the rent is WAY to high, the wages are to low(I make the same as a construction labourer in the lower mainland as my brother makes as a journeyman carpenter in Kelowna. Hi Rainman,appreciate the ..with most of the critique on this post.....drivers I have see at times are kind of wild....of birds, ill much at me though....:))Actually, I wave with a smile at anyone that cuts me off..... My fave is when a person tries to beat you through a yellow light when you are in front of them.......I believe it works really well -hmmm they say -why give a person the bird when the other person is waving and smiling at them they say -my kids teacher? or they still feel it is a 80km zone and you are going too slow for them, therefore, pass you with rage in their eyes....getting nabbed by the cops for speeding in a 50km...course a smile and wave is appropriate too...:)Now I would imagine you find these "tough" moments/problems during the night life in Kelowna -probably in the CBD.....(downtown).....I see it everywhere I go in this town, somebody is causing problems, fighting, driving through crosswalks at high speeds, spitting, littering, disrespecting the old, yelling, and giving the "look", as it is known here. It seems that cars/monster trucks and working out are the only thing people cherish.For a town on the verge of becoming a city with potential, why is everyone out to be so tough? Why do so many people have a chip on their shoulder or something to prove?Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...The real estate costs have gone through the roof, but it is still very affordable for anyone selling their home in the lower mainland, so that's what happening.

It is going to go through the same growing pains every city does, traffic issues, strange and/or ignorant people moving there,(not talking about you CD! Every city has 'em, and the faster it grows the worse it all seems.There is no way I can afford to move back but I'd like to some day.Kamloops is a good place, lotsa nice people, but the river just doesnt cut it in the summer .And now I am going to be forced to watch the Blazers kick the Kelowna Rockets a$$ on Saturday night.Woo Hoo I just moved from there a year ago, but spent the better(worst) part of my life living there. They old cliche 'It's a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there' really fits. I have NO intentions of moving back there....then there is the traffic.......

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