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I suppose that's the origin of the utopia they inspire. I have also unwittingly made my way into some multi-millionaires backyard by accident trying to get back from Griffith park.Everyone is excellent to each other, so everyone is given the means to party on. Nice try, but when dealing with celebrity, you have to consider the safety of the individual from stalking, or worse.

If you were adored by millions, including some deranged people, I suspect you'd feel diffrrently.Be Quite honestly, being excellent to each other and generally partying on would not be a bad way to live. Anyone who has hiked the Hollywood sign knows how believable this is.Better than most humans are willing to do, or are (regrettably) capable of doing because things are so brutally unjust. Some guy said some time in the 90s he was hiking up to the Hollywood sign (which you aren't really supposed to do) and on the way back he jumped a fence to get back to the road and ended up in Keanu's yard. Those Hollywood hills homes are literally right the fuck there, right next to the trails. Related: Keanu Reeves Never Got the Chance to Play Batman or Wolverine In “Again So Soon,” Reeves’ legendary assassin makes a return trip to the killer-accommodating Continental hotel overseen by Lance Reddick’s Charon — this time, with his new pet, a pit bull, in tow. And if that still feels like it’s too long, you can get a little taste right now: Watch the Yahoo Movies exclusive new clip above.

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