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I love this song, if it was a little less heavy in the sense of the drums and electric guitars. I wish I could cheat on somebody, but that would require me to have at least two girls interested in me :(. At least when the Moody Blues did a song this weak, they arranged it better so as to make it more palatable.Well actually two girls who I could go out with if I weren't chicken they'd say no, a lot of girls have been interested in me :(This is such a great song. But that was possible because sometimes superb musicianship makes otherwise sappy music work. When she cries she calls me up and i talk to her and because of me calming her down she is now not so depressed. So if you think your life is a living hell then your a complete and total idiot.And her EX (He who shall not be named) May have injected her but when she told me about it I told her not to worry that if necessary i would call and get the police involved she said "No Wait! And his name even though i shouldn't say this his name is J. When i got my mom in to this after i just couldn't take it i called my friend and talked to her and she said "As long as your mom does not take this to the police i am fine." I told her not to worry, and we talked so basically what i am saying is she has gone through ALOT of hell.I believe everyone has felt that way at some point. Its emotionally cheating - he shouldn't be dating someone if he is still in love with someone else, it isn't fair to the person he's with. I would be devastated if I learned that my bf had strong feelings for someone else and sometimes wishes I were her! Mitchell, Adelaide, Australia, as a guy, I would highly advise you NOT to cheat on anybody. One to line the birdcage and one to wipe my butt with. He is whispering on the phone, so as not to get caught. It's kind of exciting and naughty,and brings back alot of memories.

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Originally established in 1890 as General Grant National Park, it was greatly expanded and renamed to Kings Canyon National Park on March 4, 1940.LOL one of the comments above said this guy trying to emulate Steven Tyler. Not to betray my city, or anything, but Oklahoma's not exactly the "rock capital"... It would be a much better idea to be just friends with a variety of people, and if a relationship is becoming deeper or something don't hide it or anything much because it will hurt later on, if you know what I mean. Jan This song reminds me of those gay power ballads of the 80's. I have one problem Divine Brown sung this song first and NOT Hinder. I didn't hear Divine Browns verson so I can't be sure if it sounds better or worse. Maybe it sounds above average for, I dunno, Degrassi Junior High, but as a REAL rock song, it's pretty lame.When my wife and I watched the video on You Tube I said he looked like a cross between Tyler and Mick Jager. I don't mean to direct your private life or anything, it's just that, if I can save someone from a bad experience, then I'll have a go. It probably would be a little bit better if the lead singer didn't try to use his voice as if he was doing a more harder song. But if Hinder didn't stray away from the original then they get a congrats, but if they did. The simple, safe music for it could come from 'Barney' - just because it's got power chords (and it does have lots of them) and pushed-to-the-front rock drums doesn't mean it's anything more than that.The smaller and older western section centers around Grant Grove – home of many of the park's sequoias – and has most of the visitor facilities.The larger eastern section, which accounts for the majority of the park's area, is almost entirely wilderness, and contains the deep canyons of the Middle and South Forks of the Kings River.

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