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Have the belts been improved that much for the 2011 CR engines?

You're lucky as VWUK here insist the camshaft belt is changed every 4 years despite the 120k miles in the schedule...

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The only combustion chamber is within the core of the piston, the valves sit flush to the head, and it's likely the piston top comes mighty close to the closed valves at TDC. If there's evidence showing it's a better idea to change it more often than VW recommends, I haven't seen it yet.

The first time the owner's manual recommends changing the timing belt is at 130K miles.

I have been checking posts for other model years and the longest I have seen is 100K.

When belts break it is usually a side effect of bad rollers someplace in the system.

For me, since I'll be doing the job myself when the time comes (assuming I still own the car), I will probably get a jump on it and do it at 100K.

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