Is dating a cousin bad netdating dk priser

do you know for sure if there is a blood relation there? We only live like a hour and a half from each other , and we see each other like every other weekend. If it bothers you just imagine your wedding and picture where everyone will sit.

If everyone there knows eachother due to being related then yeah, it might not be a good idea. I pictured our wedding and only about 5 people there will be confused on where to sit at. THANKS YOU GUYS Who cares what "anyone /everyone"else thinks?

We found out through my cousin b/c our relationship has been very private.

We live a hour and a half apart from each other b/c were both in college.

The fact that the relation between you two isnt blood I wouldnt think a child problem is a problem but if your concerned go to doctor and be sure.

Life is too short to live for everyone else because then u will be unhappy just do what you feel is right and everything will be ok.

is this something you really wish to pursue though? and would it be worth it in the long run..weigh the pros and cons about things...right now you're both in a huge dating opportunity for both of you.believe me long distance relationships are HARD..i was in one for nearly 8 months..things worked out, and i'm not saying it cant for you..i'm just saying if its early on in the relationship and things haven't gotten serious yet you might want to think things through before pursuing a serious relationship with each other..your DISTANT cousins, like really distant.i guess its not a big deal.he a cousin of one of your cousins or something?

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The Perks of Dating a Single Woman I LOVE Living Alone!

I can't find anything in the Bible about this subject, but we are taught that it is not right to date your family.

Were not close kin but somewhere down the line we are kin. Do you guys think we should stop talking and just be friends or should we ignore the fact that were cousins ???

He is everything that I dreamed of but a couple of days ago we found out that we are cousins.

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