Is bow wow and angela simmons dating

Maybe it was just “friendly” flirting…Who knows, but like I said, I saw Vanessa and Bow Wow at another function together and they look “extra” friendly!What’s even WIERDER (if that’s a word) is that Angela was at both of the events alongside her sister. In related news, as you know Angela Simmons WAS dating skaterboarder “Viva La Bam” star, Terry Kennedy, but the two have confirmed that they broke up! The reason they broke up is because Terry was BUSTED cheating on Angie! It gets worse, he was trickin’ on her with his ex-girlfriend.

Some of them are ‘The biggest thing in your world…Maybe the smallest in other people world’, ‘There’s nothing you can do about a problem sometimes. Thank you, Lord, for waking me up today’, and so on.

It get’s truly uncensored when Bow Wow dives into his relationships. Now what caught us by surprise was his rendez-vous with Kim Kardashian, back when she was partying with Paris Hilton.

His puppy love romance with Angela Simmons and he admits that they never had sex! Bow admits every woman he’s seen with he has been with, except with Angela.

Snoop Dogg Is Not Here For Bow Wow Retirement Talk: & Knock It Off Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Hit Maka And A1 “ I Wont Be Working With Chyna Again Bow Wow Announces Retirement from Rap, Social Media Responds Bow Wow brings the heat, and you know it’s about to be lit because Ciroc is in the building!

He’s more hyped up than Hitmaka, so we know he’s about to spill the tea.

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