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The Yarra Valley National Meeting was incredibly well organised and their motto was a “Fun and Friendly” meet which rang true throughout.

Friday night’s welcoming Noggin and Natter was fun, and featured Rockercover Racing which we girls are still trying to work out what they represented! Saturday was the Concourse and Saturday night a social Barbecue.

Eurotunnel’s own trains convey cars, trucks and buses between the terminals Folkestone and Calais.

Each train can carry 766 passengers and reach a speed of 186 mph.

I have a number of sewing machines, including a Pfaff embroidery machine and a very old, but still very efficient, Pfaff industrial sewing machine.

When it came to restoring our first MG, I was able to use my electronics training to do all the wiring.

3 different types of trains utilise the Eurotunnel.

I worked there for nearly 30 years, involved in mathematical modelling of aircraft and missile defence systems and then on to the administrative management system used in the Administration of the Salisbury site.

I have seen computers evolve from machines the size of the Clubrooms to an equally powerful device that now goes in my handbag.

Why not come along on a journey of discovery and enjoy a day in Strathalbyn and Langhorne Creek.

We begin at 11.00AM at the beautiful and very old “Gasworks Cottages“.

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