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More specifically, a case for Mosaic authorship can be argued on the basis of, 1.

statements concerning the writing activity of Moses as found in the Pentateuch itself, as found in the rest of the OT, and as found in the NT; 2.

It is important, therefore for this study to establish authorship of the Pentateuch. (ed.)1991 A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament.

Conservative biblical scholarship, while acknowledging problems associated with Mosaic authorship, generally adheres to the traditional Jewish and Christian position, while liberal biblical scholarship tends to reject Mosaic authorship in support of the documentary hypothesis. 1970 The Toledot of the Book of Genesis and Their Redemptive-Historical Significance.

Nevertheless it is helpful to present in brief a case for Mosaic authorship.

This is evident in that when the Jews were driven into exile, it was the books of Moses that were read most frequently in the synagogues.

The intent here is to deal with these issues only to the extent necessary to carry out the goal of this work which is to develop a synthesis of each book of the Pentateuch.

Some of these topics have a direct bearing on developing such a synthesis, while others provide a framework within which to better understand the Pentateuch.

In Exodus , for example, the Lord told Moses to write an account of the battle with the Amalekites.

Then also, as recorded in Exodus 24:4, Moses, at Mount Sinai, wrote down all the words and laws spoken by the Lord and repeated to the people.

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