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I’m a Scottish Pakistani woman in a relationship with a white British man.We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, argued over dinosaurs and have been sickeningly besotted ever since.If we really want to break down these barriers we have to see interracial relationships as just relationships like any other, no better or worse than other kinds.We know that sometimes it’s easier for us to come to you with the news.11 April, HSMAI Region Europe, launches its new global concept called – An HSMAI Executive Insights Forum.This event is by invitation only, and the attendees at Curate must be senior executives providing unique opportunities for strategic conversations across all disciplines of, sales, marketing, distribution, revenue management as well as culture and people in customer centric environments.HSMAI Region Europe will co-locate its Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) and its – and we would very much like to see you there!

Translating jokes that lose all context or having to give a mini-history lesson when discussing celebrations are just a few things that would be unnecessary if I were dating someone of my own race.Mostly because this narrative is often only talked about when it’s relationships like mine – a white person with a minority, which is a problem in itself.It feeds into the insidious nature of racism itself, where some people may think less of him or more of me. In a society where proximity to whiteness is celebrated, and even encouraged, mixed race relationships become dangerously aspirational.A Grazia article recently popped up on my Twitter feed, called “Why I’ll never marry someone from my own race.” It was written by a British Indian woman, and shared alongside comments from fed up readers stunned at the tone-deaf content.The gist of the article is the author proudly declaring that she will never marry someone from her own race, not because of any internalised racism, she assures us, but to make a point to her community.

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