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Sites such as Uncyclopedia, The 'Beetus, and most forums mostly make up the outer mantle.

This area is somewhat rich in memes (though not as much as the core), and the occasional seismic eruption brings porn from deeper layers.

He looked at His creation, and saw that it was good.

In the centre, he placed the Tree of 4chan and second life.

It was at first designed to accumulate the knowledge of mankind, and by learning and sharing the newly synthesized knowledge generating singularity.

He placed them in the Garden of Pointless Information, and set an FBI agent to watch over it.

He filled the Garden with many different creatures: javas, jpegs, pngs, shtmls, phps, gifs, bmps and bumps.

Although this theory sounds at least mildly Biblical, scientists have come to accept it as a decent explanation.

In this early incarnation of Internet abuse, Baron le Despencer 15th is depicted as lavishly viewing virtual porn, editing a proto-Wikipedia article and eating proto-fast food in the process.

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