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We tell folks our beer should be good 90 to 120 days if not abused by heat/light exposure - if kept refrigerated, we have had six month old beer of ours which is still VERY drinkable - but we have also had beer only two weeks old that was less than "fresh" tasting due to being left out in an environment with over 80 degree temperatures the independent consumer guide to beer product dating.It is not owned, operated, affiliated with, or endorsed by any brewery or brewing company.In other words, if you want to send e-mail to a beer company, don't send it to me.

Some One to enjoy what life has to offer, and maybe a last minute road trip!! I am currently an LPN in nursing school getting my RN license, I love traveling and going on mini road trips.. I am a southern girl who loves the Summer and being outside. I am a very hard working women and work for what little I do have, I am not looking for someone to support me and my boys just want someone to talk to share a simple cup coffee and a great conversation with. Ask me anything :) You can message me on Instagram if you like me on here kristambeck1208! I've very loving caring and will do my best to make sure everyone around me is happy and taken care of. I am a single mother of 2 boys and we are very ventuious, love biking, hiking, going to the park or just simple walks on the river. Im always seeking adventure and love to have some fun company in doing so. (Blame this on JJ Redick getting his jersey retired. That's the definition of a poor bubble team, and honestly, with the way those mid-majors stepped up last season, it wouldn't surprise me to see them take a few more risks in terms of picks. This is a ten-loss team; with no quality wins and some bad, bad losses.

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