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Miss Borrallo, from Palencia, 140 miles north of Madrid, descended the steps onto the runway at Auckland today with three longer-standing assistants to the royal couple: David Manning, Miguel Head and Rebecca Deacon.

William's private secretary, 37-year-old Mr Head, was also on that trip, and joined Prince William and Harry's private office in 2009 after working his way up from the Ministry of Defence press office who acted as a liaison officer when the younger prince served in Afghanistan.

Neither the man or the two women pictured in the video have been identified.

Footage of the incident was shared online and has since garnered thousands of views and a divided opinion on who was in the wrong.

Their father, a well-known engineer, died of cancer but their mother, a housewife who also teaches disabled children, still lives in the spacious family apartment in the centre of Palencia, to which they moved from Madrid in the 1980s.

Nicknamed Santa, which means Saint, when she was young, Miss Borrallo was expected to become a nun by childhood friends who said the shy, serious child was a 'good person' with an austere lifestyle who never showed any interest in boys.

Team Cambridge: (L-R) Adviser Sir David Manning, Prince George's nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, William's private secretary, Miguel Head, and Kate's private secretary, Rebecca Deacon, in Auckland While most of the Cambridges' staff are relatively old hands, Miss Borrallo's introduction to her new job will be something of a baptism by fire as she keeps her eight-month-old charge fed, watered, rested and happy.

The astonishing clip, filmed by Giann Reece, shows the pair turn in unison and follow the man back to his perch on the grass before launching into a surprise attack.

Revellers at the Rhythm and Vines festival in Gisborne, on New Zealand's North Island, watched on as a male attendee (pictured left and right in blue) crept behind and allegedly groped a woman (left and right) wearing only glitter on her breasts The man - who is wearing a blue shirt and light pink hat - can be seen cowering as the topless woman throws punches and her loyal friend tosses her drink in his face.

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The castle is set on 200 acres of ancient lime trees.

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