Hanuma dating agency

They all avoid answering any questions that are direct about meeting, dates, when they may be willing to talk by skype or phone.

You get a consistent number of winks and emails all at the same time of day and even the letters sound the same.

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We collect statistics on income from the websites thus allowing the operators to see how much they’ve earned.

Manage and keep track of all the actions carried out in the operators’ accounts in your agency account that has a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to send us the proof of payment or inform customer support about the fact that the payment has been made. You can log in all the accounts you need and work with them simultaneously. Even though the application has the same interface as the corresponding browser, it is a stand-alone application.

You can read all the sent messages, see time that your operators spent online and terminate accounts. Currencies are converted automatically according to the current rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. There is no need to create several Google accounts and work using different browsers. In other words, the application and the browser function independently from each other. The benefit of the application is that it allows to make bot more sophisticated and yet easier to operate. From the technical point of view, some improvements are required to fix bugs.

You have an opportunity to test the product we offer.

Modestly speaking, we have the longest list of the websites that are supported by our programs.

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