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The let the women who will look over their profiles on the sites know about their main interests and personalities right up front.That saves them a lot of aggravation later and puts them in contact with women who might actually enjoy their company.A lot of the messages sent on these sites are ignored but enough get responses to make it worth while for guys to send them.If it were otherwise the sites would pretty quickly disappear.As small as Hong Kong is it offers a myriad of options to guys looking to get laid.There are seemingly endless options for men to score freebies, engage in pay for play, and enter the murky grey area in between the two.In the case of Hong Kong it seems that honesty is usually the best policy.

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That alone would in theory make it easier for English speaking foreigners to meet women.

Many modern women want sex and they aren’t afraid to talk about it.

There seem to be more people with “friends with benefits” in Hong Kong than any other city on earth with the possible exception of Paris. More than once I’ve been in Hong Kong and found a quick fling online in a matter of hours.

Even guys who have no time or energy to set up meetings in advance can find it pretty easy to score casual sex in Hong Kong. I’ve met with mainland Chinese women, Hong Kong born women, Malaysian women, Fililpina women and Indonesian women this way, never paying a dime to any of them. I’m neither Brad Pitt or Bill Gates, so I can only imagine that I am not alone in that regard.

Several sites and apps can be used by guys looking for hook ups in Hong Kong.

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