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It is estimated that the weight of the glacier depressed the earth 61 meters ( 200 feet).

Ice at 1.2 kilometers (1 mile) thick would exert a pressure of 150 tons per square foot.

The glacier originated east of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec and Labrador.

This great glacier was known as "the Wisconsin Glacier".

This escarpment is most noticeable east of Buffalo, however rarely rises more than 10 meters.

Substantial breaks in the Onondaga Escarpment have allowed Lake Erie waters to flow into the low lands of the Wainfleet Marsh 10,500 - 11,000 years ago and again 4,000 - 5,000 years ago during periods of time when the water level in the Erie Basin was much higher from the influx of waters from glacial Lake Agassiz.

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