Gabriela spanic dating history

After the band disbanded, Band met Aaron Kamin when Kamin was dating Band's sister.They both began writing songs and jamming as far back as 1996 and soon formed the band "Generation Gap" that consisted of him and Kamin, a musician he met when Kamin began dating his sister, and a few much older musicians.At the age of 15 Band signed with RCA Records with the band he had created with Kamin now named the Calling.At this time he dropped out of school though he later received a diploma through home schooling.As a solo artist, Alex Band is well known for providing the vocals and face to the top five hit, "Why Don't You & I" with Carlos Santana in 2004.In 2008, he created his own record label, AMB Records and released a five-song EP entitled Alex Band EP.

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In 1994, Spanic had her first leading role in the telenovela Como Tu Ninguna, which aired for two years and became one of the largest novelas of the country and had an enormous success, including internationally.

By 1999, Fair was impressed enough by the demos to sign them to a record deal with RCA.

They changed their name to the Calling, which reflected the band's renewed sense of purpose.

Along with friend and fellow songwriter Aaron Kamin, lead guitarist of the Calling, they achieved success with the release of two studio albums; Camino Palmero (2001) and Two (2004).

They also achieved number one hits across the world with singles "Adrienne", "Our Lives", and "Things Will Go My Way".

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