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Another case is Andrew, aged 13, who was referred to the clinic because he has been abusing his five-year-old half-sister.Due to his two years of constant porn use, he has built up a complex fantasy world — so it was no big step for him to try to involve her.

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As a therapist, I am convinced that these images can be deeply traumatising to children — not least because a competitive market means that pornographers are trying to outdo each other to come up with the most extreme images.

As he told me at a recent session: ‘It still makes me think I might never have a proper girlfriend — because the pictures still come back to me sometimes.

It make makes me want to shout, “Stop, stop.” But sometimes they still won’t go away.’Jamie’s story is not unique.

But after much thought, I have come to the conclusion this is no longer just a private problem. Yet even though we are one of the very few units in the country dealing with these issues, funding cuts mean mental health services are having to make drastic efficiency savings that significantly reduce our service.

I also treat children who are so frustrated at being unable to live out their fantasies in everyday life — and so confused by the message of endless sexual availability on the web — that they have committed rapes or sexual assaults.

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