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It will be like winning the lottery, but much more enjoyable! My name is Mila and I am 39 years old mom from Matlock, UK.Remember you dont have to join in you can just watch as well! Any position is my favorite as long as there is a dick involved.When Channel 4 commissioned Dogging Tales they must have known people up and down the UK would be curious. Join them by signing up for FREE If you're still curious follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page or check out our Dogging Tumblr 09-05-18 am Inaugural Auldhouse Dogging club meet-up is planned 41 year old Debi is leading the Auldhouse Dogging club charge and is inviting would-be members to make contact with her in the coming days. The best thing is that Dogging is free and can be a lot of fun and because we like you we can help you get some action. Well the good news is that there are car parks and outdoor places all over and we get thousands of Doggers log into our site daily and search and chat to others sharing the same interest.

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