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I knew it would not be long after that, and this morning a royal proclamation was announced throughout the village and the nearby lands.“This very afternoon, at the beginning of the fourth watch of the day, the Queen will sit in judgement of another traitor.”My plans were coming together.He would even give her the tablet on which was written– and sealed with Amira’s own thumbprint– the instructions of when and where to commit the assassination. I would never have been able to do it, but for some reason the Queen wanted me to learn how to read and write.That was the hardest part of my plan– getting Amira to press her thumb into a blank tablet. Normally something such as that was beneath a royal daughter, but the village shaman had dreamed a dream that the prosperity of the kingdom depended upon me learning to read and write the little stabs and slices the scribes put into the clay of their tablets. There were ancient tablets which he kept in his hovel of a home that supposedly told the true history of our tribe and foretold our future. “No matter how I try, my seal ends up just a smudge in the clay.”Amira laughed that light, silvery laugh which so irritates me and said, “I’ll show you how to do it properly.” She then gently pressed her thumb against the bottom of a blank tablet I handed her.The problem with this particular Nubian is that he was a known assassin and Malika, named as a Queen from her birth, was not seeking a child.

Queen Zara must have been thinking of the flowers of the field when she held me because she called me Nawra, bloom or flower. She has ruled now for many, many years, but her life has gone around the circle at least four times. The years are also showing on this Bloom, but unlike the desert flowers which appear in one day and are gone the next, the Flower that is me is very durable... I can wait until the circle of time finally ends for Queen Zara. A second favor was from a palace servant who put seven Bedouin coins I had given her in the bottom of Amira’s personal chest.Archeologists and anthropologists were ecstatic to find such an intact record of tribal history.All but eight of those tablets have been translated and published for use in universities.If the child is a male, he is trained to lead the army.The army is absolutely loyal, but that is to be expected.

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