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A rules object can also be used in conjunction with class and metadata rules, so you could have some rules assigned in individual element classes or metadata, and other rules in your rules object.If you want to keep the client-side validation error messages consistent with Django’s validation error messages, you’ll need to copy Django’s error messages and specify them in the metadata or in a messages object. But right now, anyone who visits your site will be able to make a new blog post, and that's probably not something you want. If you need more information about Django forms, you should read the documentation: Being able to create new posts just by clicking a link is awesome! There are a few situations that could lead to us being logged out (closing the browser, restarting the DB, etc.). In will cause the link to be sent to the browser only if the user requesting the page is logged in. We need to do a little bit more work in our As we have recently used the Django admin interface, the system currently thinks we are still logged in. Django is taking care to validate that all the fields in our form are correct. Let's make it so the button shows up for you but not for anyone else.j Query validation works by assigning validation rules to each element in your form.These rules can be assigned a couple different ways: In Django 1.2, there’s support for a required css class, but you can still use the technique above to specify other validation rules.

We are once again on the same page and our text is gone… If, when creating a post, you find that you are getting errors referring to the lack of a logged-in user, head to the admin page and log in again. There is a permanent fix awaiting you in the Homework: add security to your website! This doesn't protect the creation of new posts completely, but it's a good first step.Messages must be specified per-field, and per-rule.Here’s an example where I specify the Just like with validation rules, messages in element metadata can be used in conjunction with a global messages object.To be honest validation in Django is a piece of cake and even if there is special validation rules you want to implement, you can still implement it, as I said it is easy and straight forward in Django, all of these validation is server side which happen on web server not on client-side, so what about client side?In simple way, client side validation is validation user input on browser before sending the data to sever.

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