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Against the backdrop of these developments, the essays in this series examine the geopolitical dimensions, economic ties, transnational networks, and other aspects of India's links with the Middle East (West Asia) — a region that plays a vital role in India's economy and its future. Janardhan This essay explores the future of India-Gulf ties in all spheres and some out-of-the-box security dynamics, especially the possibility of evolving an alternative security mechanism in the Gulf. Economic Relations Girijesh Pant Against the backdrop of the global geo-economic shift from West to East, India and its G. This essay discusses how the adoption of a value chain approach and its application to the healthcare high-tech digital service sectors.

Mar 07, 2017India’s Relations with West Asia: A New Era Dawns Ranjit Gupta This essay, which launches the MAP series on India’s relations with the Middle East (West Asia), delineates the extraordinary transformation of India’s deeply fraught relations with the region into, arguably, India’s most satisfying set of external relationships. It specifically highlights the opportunities and challenges for Asian countries, especially India, in the quest for a new collective security architecture and stability in the region. Mar 21, 2017India's Strategic Vision about West Asia and Its Limitations Anwar Alam The discourse of Non-Alignment continues to shape the political culture of the Indian establishment’s strategic thinking in the field of foreign policy, notwithstanding the decline of Gandhian-Nehruvian moralism and increasing adaptation to the culture of power-centered realism in recent years.

Addressing the Heads of Indian Missions in February 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted them to shed old mindsets and to “help India position itself in a leading role, rather than just a balancing force, globally.”[5] Delivering the 21st IISS Fullerton Lecture in Singapore five months later, Foreign Secretary S.

However, this view changed radically following overtures from the Abu Dhabi royal family and the August 2015 state visit by Prime Minister Modi to the United Arab Emirates (U. Dec 21, 2017India-Gulf Counterterrorism Cooperation Mohammed Sinan Siyech India’s burgeoning economic relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been accompanied by heightened security risks, including in the domain of terrorism.

In light of these developments, this article addresses three questions: What is the nature and gravity of the transnational terrorist linkages that exist between India and Gulf Arab countries?

What steps has India taken, in concert with its Gulf Arab partners, to counter the terrorist threat?

India's interests and capabilities extend well beyond the subcontinent.

This series explores the geopolitical dimensions, economic ties, transnational networks, and other aspects of India's links with the Middle East (West Asia) --, C.

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