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Fava beans grow as rigid, upright plants from 2 to 5 feet tall and often require staking as they mature.The young leaves are pale green, tender and delicious. (And unlike the beans, which are a chore to prep, fava leaves are ready to eat right off the plant.At that rate, you can see why this process calls for a lot of patience and perhaps a glass of wine while you work!My favorite way to prepare fava beans is in a risotto with little more than onion and butter.You might even enlist your kids to help, or bribe a friend to do it with you. But despite the seemingly neverending shucking involved, fava beans have a buttery goodness that you don’t find in other beans, making the toilsome undertaking a true treasure hunt.are also known as faba beans, broad beans, horse beans, field beans, and Windsor beans.

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Each bean is covered with a thick, waxy shell that you have to shuck to get to the goods.He is easy-going and charming, but his incredible aquamarine eyes are flashing as we stray into the one territory he remains uncomfortable in. He worked on East Enders for two years and spent another two on Hustle — but the thing he remains best known for is having a romance with his Strictly Come Dancing co-star Flavia Cacace.Yet of all the Strictly romances there have been over the years, it remains one of the most interesting.In my zone 10b climate, I sow seeds in the fall and harvest beans through winter and spring.(They can also be started in spring and harvested through summer.) They are unaffected by cold conditions and clay soils, but are susceptible to rust, a fungal disease of the leaves.

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