Faito camshaft for sale

The higher lift rates will provide the explosive power that is needed for most racing situations.Performance Level 1Level 1 indicates a good stock replacement camshaft.Stock or small cfm carburetor, small diameter tube headers and dual exhaust are recommended for maximum benefit.Intended for stock or near-stock engines and drive trains, 8.5:1 compression, 2.70 to 3.25 ring and pinion, automatic transmission with stock converter or four-speed manual transmission. You can now take advantage of member privileges to enhance your online shopping experience with us.

A higher lift rate will RPM less, needs more spring pressure and lighter valve train components.Performance Level 2Level 2 profiles are for individuals that require more power and an extended rpm range.Works well with stock or near-stock engines and drive trains in a lightly modified street engine.These camshafts provide excellent low end and mid-range power for spirited street, off road driving and mild marine applications.Modifications that should accompany installation of these cams include small diameter tube headers, low restriction dual exhaust, aftermarket manifold, increased cfm carburetor and reworked or performance ignition.

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