Essential dating questions

If they need to talk a fight out immediately after having it, but you're the type who needs to mull conflicts over for a few days, how will you handle it when one or both of you is mad?

You may have heard of the book The 5 Love Languages .

Do you also choose a hosting provider in the same way?

In order to have a successful relationship, you cannot just go for the cheapest hosting provider or the first person you meet through the online portal.

Even if it's just that you love sushi and your significant other doesn't, will you get tired of eating sushi by yourself in 15 years?

Respect is in some ways just as important as love, and if you can't respect differences (even the little ones), your relationship will suffer.

If one of you is religious and the other isn't, you have to learn to truly respect their beliefs and not just secretly think that your partner is way off base.

Bonus points if you actually have fun working together.

My ex and I couldn't even pick up a paintbrush without getting into World War III, and I eventually realized that you don't want a partner you can't complete tasks with.

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