Dumb dating rules

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Look, it is even complicated for mature adults, right?

If you can't see anything or actually hear what's going on, what's the point? I love Snapchat, but I don't love seeing pointless Snaps of nothing, all day every day.

I know someone who sends the exact same Snapchat every. I follow someone who literally has 320 second Snapchat stories at the end of every day.

The popular kids are not always the happiest kids nor are they always the nicest. Anyone who has ever been excluded knows that this has often been initiated by the popular kids. Nonetheless, kids who begin to date as young teens are more likely to have bad study habits, eventually develop substance use problems and are unfortunately more likely to drop out of school than teens who begin to date at later ages.

I am not sure why this is the case but I have some ideas.

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