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And now, it seems that things have shifted such that now CFNM scenes spliced from mainstream movies and foreign cinema are what you all seem to rate the […]I’m fulfilling a few requests in doing this update of medical CFNM, so I hope you guys especially enjoy these CFNM videos.I’ve only come across a few sites that really address the specific medical CFNM scenario, and funny enough, they usually come from Czech Republic and Russia.But these two fantasy medical setting CFNM from CFNMEU are interesting enough to make up for at least part of the delay.But another post is coming […]Springboarding from the previous post of medical CFNM action, comes one that is a bit different. I have gotten lots of inquiries about my personal medical CFNM experiences that I’ve had over the years.You can tell them what areas of BDSM interest you and then they will talk about what they would do and describe in detail how it would go.

The truth is, however, that the sub actually controls the session by explaining what he wants and likes.There are countless mistresses online right now and each one is equipped and experienced to deal with a nervous newbie and talk him through the world of female domination and help him through the entrance process and finding out exactly what he is looking for or for the more experienced sub who knows what he likes and just wants to talk about it.I first want to say is despite rumour to the contrary, I AM planning on continuing All Things CFNM.So, first up are two clips from […]This megapost of medical CFNM kinda goes off topic, but there’s a good reason for it.I have to say that as a heterosexual male, NFCM & NFNM situations are sometimes just as erotic as a CFNM scenario, for the same reasons.

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