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Skype for Business (Lync 2015) Management & Reporting: Besides Lync 20, you can now manage and report on user accounts in Lync 2015 / Skype for Business (Sf B) as well.

That is, right from ADManager Plus' console, you can now: Report from CSV: This report helps in viewing the Active Directory information of existing user and computer accounts.

Instead of creating a new role from the scratch, this feature allows you to use any existing role as a building block for creating a new role.

Delegation of File Server management tasks: The delegation module brings file server management also under its scope.

Computers with duplicate attributes report: This report displays all the computers which have duplicate values for the specified attribute.

OS filter in OS-based computers report: While selecting the operating systems to generate the OS-based computers report, you can use this filter to view the list of only the server operating systems or all the operating systems (server as well as client versions) used in the organization.

'Reactive' Group Modification Template: These templates help you standardize the process of modifying AD groups and also automatically populate specific attributes during the single group modification process via: Inactive Office 365 users report: This report lists all the Office 365 users who have not accessed their Exchange Online mailboxes during the specified time period.

CSV-based computer modification: This feature helps you modify the attributes of Active Directory computers, in bulk, by importing a CSV file which has the list of computers and their attributes to be modified.

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This synchronization happens periodically throughout the day.

You can now delegate to helpdesk technicians, the task of modifying or removing the share/NTFS permissions that AD users and groups have on the file servers located in your Active Directory.

G Suite User Provisioning: You can now provision G Suite user accounts, automatically, via ADManager Plus.

Move or delete users' Terminal Services home folders and profile paths: This feature allows you to delete or move the Terminal Services home folders or profile paths for multiple users at once.

Also, while moving the terminal services home folders or profile paths, you can choose to retain a copy of them in the original location.

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